Amotai - Supplier Diversity Aotearoa

Amotai was established in 2018 by The Southern Initiative team and was formerly known as He Waka Eke Noa. They promote the growth of Māori and Pasifika entrepreneurship through smarter use of procurement and supply chains. Safety & Apparel are a member of this intermediary and hold a place in Amotai’s national database of Maori and Pasifika-owned businesses that are ready for work. We believe it is important look both ways, to reflect on our experience and lineage as an organisation and look forward and work proactively towards assisting the growth of diverse workplaces in Aotearoa. We are thankful for the opportunity to partner with Amotai and work towards growing Maori and Pasifika communities..

Here at Safety and Apparel we are working closely with Amotai to revamp our internal processes which we will cover in detail here - so watch this space!

Who are Amotai?