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Portacount Pro Respirator Fit Testing Service

Respiratory fit testing is a mandatory requirement of the AS/NZS 1715:2009 Respiratory Standard. In addition, under Section 1 of Regulation 17 in the Health and Safety at Work Regulations 2016 require a person conducting a business to ensure that any PPE provided under regulation 15, or that is provided by the worker under regulation 16, is selected to minimise risks to health and safety. This includes by ensuring that the equipment is suitable; having regard to the nature of the work, any hazard associated with the work, a suitable size/fit and, that it is reasonably comfortable for the worker wearing it.

Fit testing ensures the user has the best possible seal and protection from the chosen respirator. Factors such as the correct size and type of mask effect this performance and comfort - much like correct fitting shoes and clothes.

Two options of Respirator Fit Test are permitted by the standard:

  • Qualitative Fit Test - this fit test relies on the subject's response to a test agent to give a pass/fail result
  • Quantitative Fit Test - a fit test giving numerical results and not relying on the subject's response to a test agent

To offer our customers the best possible result, Safety and Apparel Ltd use a PortaCount® Pro Respirator Fit Quantitative Testing Machine. To find out more about our fit testing service, contact your local Safety Specialist below.

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