We pride ourselves at being able to offer our customers newly developed products and innovations as they become available in the NZ market. Our range is regularly updated to provide the best products on the market, and we endeavour to stock the majority of the highest demand items in our warehouses. Because we offer a broad and extensive range of products, we unfortunately do not always have everything in stock.

Consequently, we source products directly from the manufacturer and their agents to supply as samples. Often these samples are stocked in NZ but can also be sourced via Australia or further afield.

The primary issue with sourcing samples directly from manufacturers or suppliers is that they require samples to be returned in ‘perfect order’ and sent back within two weeks (i.e. product packaging, contents etc.). As this is rarely occurs and is difficult to manage, it is unlikely that we can meet the Sample Return policies of our suppliers.

Therefore, if the sample you require must be sourced from one of our suppliers, we are happy to supply it to you at a special 'pre-order sample price'. However, these samples will be provided on a strictly no return basis. Should you wish to go ahead and have them embroidered or screen printed as part of an order please talk to your Safety Specialist.

As part of our commitment to supply you with a product that is fit for purpose, we are happy to supply sizing charts and a tape measure to improve accuracy. We are happy to supply samples from our own stock however please check with your Safety Specialist before ordering the sample, to ensure it can be returned.