We want to be an easy company to deal with and love that you want to work with us however even with the best intentions things can still go wrong. Sometimes the boots just don't fit or somebody changes their mind about what they want. We have even been known to send out the wrong styles, size or colour. In any of these cases call us within 14 days and we will issue you with an RMA (Returns Management Authorisation) that must be quoted on the return documents. Sorry, but if there is no number we cannot accept the return and get your account credited. All we ask is that the goods are returned in the same condition you receive them in (original packaging, clean and undamaged).

Damaged Goods

Sometimes goods will arrive with or develop a manufacturing fault. Please call us as soon as the problem occurs and we will sort out the best way to get things fixed, be it to repair, replace or credit the item. Often we will have to include the manufacturer in the process. Call us first or better still, your Safety Specialist and we will get things moving. Again these returns must be accompanied with an RMA. The more information such as the invoice number you can give us the faster we will be. We are happy to find a solution to any problem you may have.