Our Story

Sustainability is something we take very seriously. It's a journey we've been on since 2010 with Enviro-Mark® (trading as Toitū Envirocare) and in that time, we've taken a lot of steps to reduce our impact on the environment. Our business practices are completely transparent and each year we review our environmental impact and assess where and how we can make improvements.

Since starting our sustainability initiative in 2009 we have developed our very own Environmental Management System (EMS) designed to control documentation and help us better understand the impact our operations and activities have on the environment. It not only helps us to achieve our sustainability objectives and targets, but it also encourages and inspires us to keep improving our sustainability efforts.

The ability to change starts in our own back yard. That's why we take the time to educate our people first, followed by our stakeholders. We work with our partners, suppliers, employees and customers to minimise any negative environmental and social impacts from our own operations, and from the products and services we provide.

Our system is a series of steps that begins with an environmental policy initiative driven by our Environmental, Health, Safety Officer. The policy is our basis for setting targets and objectives to reduce any negative environmental or social impacts from our own operations, products and services.

We evaluate our performance against these set objectives to see if our sustainability goals are being met and if not we'll make the necessary steps to fix it. Our evaluation is then reviewed by our senior leadership team who will set new targets in a revised plan.

Would you like to view our Environmental Policy - Click here.

Click here for our Environmental Scope, which outlines the extent and boundaries of our EMS.

Our Products

We prefer to work with businesses that share our values, so for Safety and Apparel Ltd's brand products our sourcing team in New Zealand ensures we only work with suppliers and vendors that are as committed to sustainability as we are. For more information on our Business Partner Standards, Click here.

How we can help you

Working together towards sustainability means we can cover more grounds in less time! Here are a few ways we can work with you towards your own environmental goals:

  • Look for products with eco-labels like Environmental Choice, use recycled content. Choose products that can be recycled, reused or refilled when you're finished with them.
  • Recycling inkjet cartridges and toners is easy with Croxley Recycling. They operate a nationwide collection service and will collect free of charge. We can provide you with your Croxley Recycling Collection box and when it's full, just call Croxley to arrange pickup!
  • Consolidate suppliers and combine orders to reduce deliveries to your workplace and reduce packaging.
  • Make practical changes. For example, save paper by printing double-sided as your default.
  • When choosing suppliers, consider their individual environmental integrity and sustainability goals.
  • Hard Hat Recycling - a free national recycling service available exclusively at Safety and Apparel Ltd branches. We have formed a partnership with Astron Plastics and have developed a dedicated scheme for Safety and Apparel Ltd. Astron Plastics has specialist machinery built to process and recycle the plastics in hard hats.

Safety and Apparel Ltd Sustainability Report

Safety and Apparel Ltd Directors and Management attend annually our Health Charter Report. This report focusses on our people, communication, dealing with waste, freight efficiency, delivery of ethical supply chain, and serving our customers.

2019 Sustainability Highlights